Savage Sally's First Sweet Nothing

Like, HELLO.

No seriously, thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re enjoying this space…this place to buy clothing and TINGS.

Let’s be realz, living in today’s world is ROUGH. Sex, love, marriage, relationships, friendship, the workplace… I can’t speak for you but, getting dressed up is my favorite past time…and present time. But this isn’t your average clothing store… SavSal is a community for humans of all walks of life who can COME TOGETHER and share ideas, connect through tough times, celebrate, or just plain rant when boredom-strikings are most real.

Please keep in mind the themes, ideas, comments, media, etc. are not a representation of Savage Sally as a brand but, are true, down-to-earth representations of the individuals who find themselves “at home” enough to share said themes, ideas, comments, media, etc. on

PLEASE - keep your heart open, + your mind, and let your ideas run wild because we at Savage Sally make it our BIZ to BAN judgment and bad vibes. Check out “Sweet Nothings”, Savage Sally’s blog, for rants and raves. Check out Savage Sally’s “Pen Pal Registry” for Friends Through Fashion. Use Savage Sally’s outlets for advice, connecting with peeps, words of wis or whatever floats your canoe. This world is your fashion playground so, swing on the monkey bars, dig your head in the sandbox…. you’ve traveled all the way here so you should probably make the most of your trip!